CSG Grading

Here at Dan's PokeStop we are The Official Approved UK Dealer for CSG Cards. Sending with us you can be reassured that all your cards are treated with the highest level of care and attention, Whilst being Vetted for all the correct level of insurances and shipping profiles to meet the highest standards that CSG Cards require!


*** Please note that we are shipping to CSG on their behalf as an intermediatry dealer, we do not grade your cards on site ***

There are alot of questions involved with this so please make sure you read the FAQ's. 


CSG grades most sports cards, including:


  • Baseball cards
  • Basketball cards (NBA/WNBA)
  • Football cards
  • Hockey cards
  • Wrestling cards
  • Racing cards
    • Soccer cards
    • Golf cards
    • Tennis cards
    • MMA cards
    • Multi-sport cards



CSG currently grades cards that measure 2-5/8" x 3-3/4" or less.

CSG grades “thick” sports cards, up to 7.25 mm thick, which are encapsulated in the 3.5 mm, 5.5 mm or 7.25 mm CSG Thick Holder. CSG’s new-to-the-industry stackable holders accommodate more sizes of thick cards than any other third-party sports card grading company.

Note: Certain thick cards that would normally be accepted may have irregular dimensions and cannot be encapsulated for this reason. In those cases, the cards will be returned unencapsulated ("raw"), and the grading fee will be refunded.



Whilst we aim to cover most questions about grading, we understand that we can not answer every question on a website so please feel free to drop any questions you may have that the website doesn't answer to us in the Contact Us section.

Economy Service - Current Timeframe 25 Working Days - Value $500 per card limit Price Per Card
1 Card £25
Standard Service - Current Timeframe 15 Working Days - Value Upto $1000 per card limit Price Per Card
1 Card £35
Express Service - Current Timeframe 7 Working Days - Value Upto $10,000 per card limit Price Per Card
1 Card £75
Additional Grade Services Additional Price Per Card
Manufacturer Approved Autographs £5
Thick Holder Charge £5

Where Do I Send My Cards?

Dan's Pokestop Ltd

PO Box 1195



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