How does it work?

The Service works by getting your cards to us (drive, post, fly) it makes no difference to us.

  1. Fill out the correct form which will help you list the cards you want to grade and get them in the order you want them graded.
  2. Package your cards safely (Packaging Guidelines)
  3. You will be contacted by us to pay for the Total Grading cost before your cards are shipped to PSA/CGC.

Are my cards insured?

Yes, all cards are covered fully insured with Goods In-Transit Insurance whilst on-route and return.

How will I know if my cards will receive an up-charge?

PSA decided what cards will receive up-charge based on their allocated Grade, we are happy to discuss all cards on an individual basis to help you select the correct service level to minimize the posiblilty of up-charges being applied.


Based on the cards final graded value and the service selected these charges can range from around £8 to £112 per card.

If you have any question about specific cards then get in touch via the "Contact Us" page.

Do I need to send my cards in a card saver?

No, card savers are included in the service, Please ensure all cards adhere to the (Packaging Guidelines)

Are the quoted time-frames accurate?

All time scales are updated frequently in accordance to quoted correspondence from PSA/CGC, however timeframes are subject to change at any time.

Can I send in sealed cards?

We require you to open the cards to give you the opportunity to inspect them for any pack damage before they are sent.

What are the benefits of having my cards graded with PSA/CGC?

The benefits of having your cards graded with PSA/CGC.

  • Establised Standards
  • Security
  • Set Registry
  • Increased Value