Payment Plan

Here at Dan's Pokestop we are proud to be able to offer all of our customers a 3 month payment plan on all Bulk Services.


How Does A Payment Plan Work?

In stead of paying for a large submission in one go, you can break your submission down into 3 equal payments due by the end of the month, starting from the month that you submit!

All payment plans must be kept up to date in line with our Terms Of Service.


What are the Benefits of using a payment plan?

Rather Than paying a large lump some in one go, utilising our payment plan option will allow you to spread the cost of a submission, Allowing you to sumbit more cards in one submission, meaning that they will return faster!


Are there any charges for using the Payment Plan Option?

No, Providing you keep up to date with payments there are no additional charges for using our payment plan option!

How Do I Opt to take Advantage of The Payment Plan Option?

At the Bottom of the submission form there is a "Payment Plan : Yes / No" question, Simply Circle the "YES" and your order will be processed using our Payment Plan Option!